The 3 Marks of Existence:

*Impermanence–Nothing in this world is fixed or unchanging–no thing, no thought, no emotion. Because of this, it is pointless to try to grasp, or hold on to anything material or immaterial. Instead, we should be open to things as they happen, accept them for what they are, and let them go when they pass.

**No Self–Every individual’s identity is also constantly changing and in transition. Our minds and bodies are an amazing collection of cells and energy in perpetual motion. The person we were yesterday, or even an hour, one minute, or one second ago is already different from the person we are right now.

***The Source of Suffering–To fail to realize that the first two marks of existence are true will cause unhappiness and dissatisfaction because we will continue to want the world to be other than what it is.

The hardest one to swallow is the second , because we like to think that we have control over who we are, and that the person each of us thinks of as “me” is a solid, constant, reliable being. But all you have to do is consider who you were ten years ago and it becomes obvious that your views, memories, emotions and thoughts are constantly in flux. The bright side is that because our thoughts, feelings, and bodies are always changing, we are constantly becoming someone new, and, potentially, someone better.

(Courtesy Girl Seeks Bliss)


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