Day 9

100 days of Yoga. Trying to train my heart, mind and body to mold into a place of balance everyday while still learning new habits and trying desperately to break with the old. Meditation has been difficult, to say the least…but I believe in the source of energy and inspiration in my practice, and being that meditation is a factor of this whole I will continue to try.


Choose one of the most frequent and difficult mind states that arise in your practice, such as irritation, fear, boredom, lust, doubt, or restlessness. For one week in your daily sitting be particularly aware each time this state arises. Watch carefully for it. Notices how it begins and what precedes it. Notice if there is a particular thought or image that triggers this state. Notice how long it lasts and when it ends. Notice what state usually follows it. Observe whether it ever arises very slightly or softly. See how loud and strong it gets. Notice what patterns of energy or tension reflect this state in the body. Become aware of any physical or mental resistance. Finally sit and be aware of the breath, watching and waiting for this state, allowing it to come, and observing it like an old friend.

(Courtesy of Seeking the Heart of Wisdom)


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