Day 16:

Our journey– our practice is to harvest the ability to stay present, open, and balanced through all experiences and realms of life. With a solid foundation of daily meditation and yoga class penciled into your daily routine this should be easy. NOT. It isn’t, not for a devoted yogi or otherwise. We all suffer and the hindrances that we face are the same: desire, aversion, sleepiness, and doubt.  Add to that the feelings of happiness or sadness, frustration, anger, annoyance, joy, interest, excitement, restlessness, or fear and it may seem impossible to find any kind of balanced sensation.

So, what to do…

Sit down, settle back, stay open, and listen to the breath. Typical, yoga instructions, but why?

Breathing is a useful primary object because for the most part it is always present. *And we want to be in the present moment, not hung up on the past or worrying about the future. So one can always come back to the breath, settling into it, feeling it, noticing it. And when different mind states or objects of awareness arise, identify them and then let them pass away. When they are no longer predominant, return to the breath or to sensations in the body.

Use this tool during both meditation and your daily yoga practice to get the most out of each lesson!


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