Day 23: While practicing my studying skills today I heard someone say, “Time wasted is time lost,” he spoke truthfully.  I have spent a majority of my time in Asana practice, advancing in the class levels and trying out as many classes as possible. By studying Yoga I know that postures are only one part of the whole. But still I get caught up in the nature of competitiveness and aim for the sky when I schedule in 3 classes per day. Thankfully no matter how much you plan life always has a way of handing you exactly what you need, and for me that now includes A LOT of reading.

So if you didn’t know them, here are the 3 levels of Yoga:

1st Level: Do’s and Don’ts

*Niyama tells us what we should do for the good of the individual and society

*Yama tells us what to avoid doing because it would be harmful to the individual and society

2nd Level: Sadhana or Practice

*Asana is the practice of different poses of the body

*Pranayama is the science of breath

*Pratyahara is either silencing of the senses or the drawing inward of the senses

3rd Level: Wealth of Yoga

*Dharana is concentration or complete attention

*Dhyana is meditation

*Samadhi is the culmination of yoga, the state of bliss


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