Opening What Is Closed

What do you do when you have growing awareness of painful feelings? What does the mind do when this pain starts revealing itself to us? What lessons will you learn from painful experiences and feelings?

When the goal of life is attained, one achieves the reparation of all wrongs, the healing of all wounds, the rightings of all failures, the sweetening of all suffering, the relaxation of all strivings, the harmonizing of all strife, the unraveling of all enigmas, and the real and full meaning of all life– past, present, and future.  -MEHER BABA

Until then, we can soften ourselves, soften our mind, so that it becomes receptive and allowing, more gentle and relaxed. We don’t have to be in a struggle, even with things that are painful. When we allow ourselves to be more relaxed and more open, the possibility arises of seeing more clearly exactly what is going on.


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A Yogi On A Mission
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