I’ve had a few different thoughts going through my mind during my Yoga asana practice, and I wanted to share. One temptation and two the distractions that follow temptation.

I totally get that Yoga is a personal practice and that you shouldn’t compete with your neighbor. I also appreciate and respect Yoga etiquette: no talking before class (some people want to meditate), shower, smile, no swearing, etc, etc… My distractions are of another sort, I start to question my body, “When are you gonna do that?” “Will you ever look like that?” Sometimes my mind will go as far as to question my future endeavors, “What kind of teacher will you be?” “Can I help others feel the way she makes me feel?”

Keeping your focus during practice everyday can prove to be the biggest battle of the day. I questioned my strength, my will, my talents and abilities. At six o’clock it was time for my last class. My mind was far from freedom and instead it felt like a battered prisoner. It was reduced heat and although it was a level two it felt more like a three and a sweet- smiling yogi confirmed my feeling at the end of class. My quads were tired, my arms were sore and my mind was in awe as I watched a graceful teacher show off arm balances and inversions with ease and no pain. Needless to say I’m not there yet. But then, something spectacular happened, the strongest person in the class, our teacher was brought down to the floor by an unexpected injury. A small sliver of broken glass had cut a tiny hole in her foot and she was bleeding profusely and this was all happening two inches away from my mat. The guy next to me said I was the lucky one. She was never left alone (yogis are friendly like that) and although the unexpected injury threw her off balance momentarily, she managed to get it together and close the class.

Unbeknownst to my teacher, I was taught a wonderful lesson on the source of nature and the Divine Power of which all creation springs. My mind now feels at ease.

TEACHERS~ A Helping Hand from Heaven

Heaven lies within and without us, it is true. But in most cases, only by the intervention of some authentic spiritual genius do we seem able to translate this into actuality for ourselves.

No seeker is so wise, so informed, so perfect, or so balanced as not to need the constructive criticism and expert counsel of a true spiritual guide.

Paul Brunton


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