Day 36

Stepping Forward

100 days of  the YOGA challenge has advanced and I have experienced some different types of progress. Some in asana practice: new yogi friends, new poses, and new alignment techniques. Some emotional/chemical: humbleness towards my body and its progression each day, more energy, and an all round happier disposition.

I feel like I’m starting to get my feet wet with this whole Yoga thing. Not just the physical aspect, but also what it means to live your Yoga daily, in all your daily practices. The effort and commitment needed is demanding, maybe leading some to wonder, what is the real value in it and why do we practice it?

I practice everyday, I am still in search of my own answers, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I will continue to question and seek with an open heart and mind as I continue to walk this path with openness, balance, and the courage to explore.

*Next chapter: Meditation

We are fragmented into so many different aspects. We don’t know who we really are, or what aspects of ourselves we should identify with or believe in. So many contradictory voices, dictates, and feelings fight for control over our inner lives that we find ourselves scattered everywhere, in all directions, leaving nobody at home.

Meditation, then, is bringing the mind home…



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