Day 38

Brief run down, before I decided to strengthen my life, test my will, and gamble on a lifetime of yoga, I was a sour puss. I believed that the grass was greener everywhere other than where I was at.  Without direction the present moment didn’t seem that important.  “No city could compete with the last city and nothing could top that one trip!”

Or so I thought.

Looking back on it now I see that by using certain words and expressions  I was only feeling one side of things. Simplifying it, speech can be destructive or enlightening. If I change my use of  words and expressions, my views and outlook will change? Yup! It is simple, though not easy. Try to become conscious of your speech today.

An example to illustrate the point:

Once a master was called to heal a sick child with a few words of prayer. A skeptic in the crowd observed it all and expressed doubts about such a superficial way of healing. The master turned to him and said, “You know nothing of these matters; you are an ignorant fool!” The skeptic became very upset. He turned red and shook with anger. Before he could gather himself to reply, however, the master spoke again asking, “When one word has the power to make you hot and angry, why should not another word have the power to heal?”

Think about it.


Life is a daily grind of trial and error, not forgetting the bumps and curve balls thrown in the mix for fun. I don’t know if everyone gets the chance to live their dream, love their job, or find their passion. But what I do know is that we learn by living in the present moment. There is a big difference between taking a walk on the beach and really being there, and taking a walk spending the whole time imagining all the stories you can tell your friends about what a great walk on the beach you had.

The itch is in your mind and in your heart, and once those two connect, you’re liberated from whatever is causing you suffering. Fully in the moment the fundamental questions of the heart can be answered, it’s all in you!

You’ve got the power to make today whatever you want it to be. So take the chance to try something new. It’s in you, so go ahead scratch all you want!


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