Celebrate Small Changes

Day 42

This Yoga challenge has brought on obstacles I never imagined facing. It has also shown me the strength of my will and the power of laying out goals. I have focused so much of my attention on asana practice and getting that new pose of the week just right, that I have weakened the very outlet that helps me keep going. I’ve written about my past struggles, detoxing, and the difficulty of the 3 yoga classes per day and its grind. But what I have failed to mention is just how hard it is to write something new every day. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining. When I got the idea of what the theme of this blog would be, it was just that an idea, seeming to be something someone might like to read, even if it was just for me and two of closest friends it would be worth it. Now it is part of my daily intake, I have to consciously think of it during the day and write down small reminders or check the dog-eared pages in one of my books so I don’t forget where to go for the next quote. I’m grateful to all the readers that pass by and to those who have stuck with me from the beginning. I have much more to share, and although at times it seems as though I’ve lost my own words in every post I always have you in mind.


“You cant learn until you make a mistake. That’s what life is all about.”


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A Yogi On A Mission
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