Beyond Appearance and A 12 Step Program

Yoga aims at wholeness, and it can be fully appreciated only when we treat it as a whole. Yoga has been reduced to the practice of postures, and postures reduced to stretching, and stretching reduced to lengthening the hamstrings (sound familiar?!)                                      Every single technique or practice in Yoga has the same purpose: to set us free, to take us beyond the conditioning of our ego-personality, into the spacious realm of the Spirit.


1. We admit the fact that our conventional life is filled with suffering

2. We begin to look for guidance in our effort to cultivate a new outlook (ie. environment and uplifting books)

3. We initiate positive changes in our behavior affirming that new outlook

4. We practice self-understanding

5. We make a commitment to break old habits/emotional patterns in order to stabilize our new outlook

6. We learn to be flexible and open to life so that we can continue to learn and grow

7. We practice humility in the midst of our endeavors

8. We assume responsibility for what we have understood

9. We work on integration

10. We cultivate real self-discipline in all matters, great and small

11. We increasingly practice spiritual communion

12. We open ourselves to the possibility of bliss



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