Seduce me with your needs

I’ve seen many yoga students rush their teacher at the end of class with questions, concerns, and most recently with the suffering they feel when they have yet to reach the flexibility or pose they want. Acknowledging where your body is in the present moment and becoming open to shift will liberate your mind from the suffering that you fear.

Bondage means being bound by fear, anger, lust, jealousy, competitiveness, and all the other negative emotions and desires that drive so much of our conventional lives.

Liberation consists in enjoying freedom from our psychological conditioning in all circumstances, leaving us free for intelligent, compassionate activity.

Yoga helps us overcome and allows us to recover. Listen to your body and its needs. Welcome and thank your body for the strength it takes to endure. The journey of the mind and body can be freeing and blissful, but you gotta put in the right effort. Keep practicing!


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