Hard Work

Day 79

The more I’ve practiced and added to my daily routine, the more I have noticed the waves and weeds of my mind. Yesterday I was offering encouragement for those who needed the extra push. Today it’s about understanding the dimensions of the mind and your ability to control it. In a yoga class you will hear things like, “don’t forget to breathe, go deeper, hold it longer, don’t stop, try it if you’re new, listen to your body.” But when is your body doing the talking and when is it your mind? Well, in my experience when you think you can’t hold it any longer it’s your mind and you probably can. When your leg muscles are convulsing, it’s your body.

Nourishing the mind is important, so is pulling out the weeds.  Enrich your practice with the right effort. Concentrate on your breathing, allow your mind to follow your breathing to stop it from giving up. Use pure effort and you will make it to the other side.


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