Life is a routine, but it is what you make of that routine that separates you from the rest. You can challenge yourself with an early rise, new diet or a new exercise regimen, thanks to special friends, I now have included running to my mornings. Of course you could just do what you did last Monday. But before I let you off the hook I have one question for you, what are you waiting for? Today is the perfect day to make things different! Push yourself, try something new, or do what you said you would but haven’t done yet. If not now then when? I know I may be coming off a little bit strong, but maybe that’s what you need, a little more UMPH to get you through! Dare to be better than your were yesterday. I have read a lot of helpful books, I have listened to a lot of great music, and I have pushed my body to painful yet wonderful limits. And I have wanted to share every moment of it with you. I hope you find the courage to do something different for yourself, you deserve it!




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A Yogi On A Mission
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