OK, so we’re at day 83 of a 100 day challenge and it is time to check in. How is it going? Well, what I’ve learned is that you can never do too much of anything, yes that includes yoga. We need to practice balance, not only in the Yoga studio, but also in everyday life. To say that I had a little fall maybe an understatement but who needs to rehash the past, I learn from my mistakes and I move on. Onward and upward! But, just so I don’t forget let me share a little insight that I received from a GOOD book and a GREAT friend, it’s OK to fail. We can learn from failure and best of all failure gives us a choice in how we want to get back up, it challenges us to dig deeper and try harder. Overcoming failure makes us stronger, wiser, tougher, and kinda sexy;-)

Practice balance in your life: physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions (that means resting too!)



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