Tuesday: The Law of Karma or Cause and Effect

Saturday morning I was ahead of schedule, about one hour ahead. I had a Yoga class to attend but my timing was off. As I made my way through the studio space I noticed that I was the only one with a yoga mat. Instead of yoga, N.I.A dance class was about to start,  I decided to stay and check it out. It was AWESOME, playful, and fun. Best of all was the instructor, Eva. She had been a sub for one of my Yoga classes before and she was AWESOME too. Spunky, lively, strong, playful, full of joy and best of all she’s living proof that Yoga instructors can be writers too. Thank you Eva for daring to do something new and different. Thank you for being a rock star at work!

Check out Eva and her good news at:

Go with the flow and watch the tube because everything will be ALRIGHT!


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