My mother used to cut my hair short. Very short. She would say that my neck was beautiful and that it best suited my face. As a child I didn’t care what my neck looked like to others and cried at every hair-cutting session. I remember this one specific cut, I must have been five years old and the cutter was my nanny. After the cut I ran away and hid in the bathroom. Hours later she found me standing in front of the mirror, the faucet was running, with a soaked towel in hand wetting my newly cut locks. She asked me, “What are you doing?” and only as a child could, I answered back, “I’m wetting my hair, so it will grow back faster.” Self-healing at age five.

Continue to live with courage. Be kind to yourself and others. Accept the challenges life brings to you with kindness. Laugh & have fun today!

Future Forecast: Short & Spectacular 🙂


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