Go with the Flow

Yoga is GREAT for balance, circulation, aches, pains, for losing weight and maintaining weight. But how can I use the principles of Yoga everyday? Today I would like to share some Yoga inspired techniques to use in the real world.

Daily mantras, just simple statements to start off your day and to keep with you during the pushes and pulls of the day.

For Patience:
*Everything is moving at the proper speed
*It won’t always be like this
*Is the problem the situation, or is it my reaction to the situation?

For Fear:
*And then what would happen?
*Right here, right now
*I choose the life that I have right now

For Control:
*I can choose how I react, I do not have to react right now
*The only real control I have is the choice of my own thoughts, my own words, and my own choices
*How should it be?

Keeping a daily mantra is a powerful practice that can help you change the way you react to things and subdue the feelings that come up with each reaction. Take note of how you feel and what your body does with each reaction and feeling. Also some helpful tips on how to deal with difficult people posted by Deepak Chopra,  see here http://deepakchopra.com/2010/06/how-to-deal-with-difficult-people/



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