Mixing things up in your practice is crucial for keeping things light and fun. If you are continually doing the same routine over and over again, with time your practice will become stale.

During my training days I had mentioned that as part of my Yoga practice I would commit myself to Hot Yoga classes at a Moksha studio. As you may have noticed hot yoga has received lots of attention and is becoming a “cool” trend. My one-month trial with Moksha has ended and now I can tell you what I really think. Truthfully it took some getting used to. The smell of the studio was different. One over-crowed heated room which has you standing inches away from your neighbors forward bends…AWKWARD!! Also, over-crowded change rooms and  deep yoga philosophy taken way too lightly by instructors. Classes are attended by both beginners and advanced students, the heat helps flexibility, competition naturally arises and so does dehydration levels if you are not careful. All in all my overall grade for this hot yoga Moksha Studio is a C for just getting by, not for cool. If you are in need of something new try Yin Yoga a passive and deep variation of yoga.

Today’s rule: Keep moving and never give up if you want to enjoy good health.

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