7 things I want my readers to know

1. THANK YOU for reading and adding this blogs’ profile to your Facebook friends (reading is the GREATEST investment you can make!)
2. The Goal is to produce happiness and well-being through a yoga inspired blog. (you can have the same goal in your work, “if you are a street sweeper, be the GREATEST street sweeper anyone has ever known”)
3. The Challenge is 100 days of One-on-One Yoga. This mission is for:
*new mom’s struggling with their new body
*women loosing sleep due to night sweats and imbalances
*hard-working mother’s, teachers, and independent people who constantly miss out because of their schedules
*everyone who wants to try something new
*if you’ve received doctor’s orders
(pass this link on to your friends, family, or co-worker)
4. I need your help in realizing the need for public health care (charity starts at home)
5. After the 100 days, with your much-needed support, I will embark on a journey (teacher’s training retreat) to Nepal, pictures will be posted 🙂
6. How you can support my cause…
*make a charitable donation
*buy a photo
*take the time to support my charity: water (it’s free!)
7. Help send a struggling artist to Nepal!!!

*More info on how to make donations coming soon.


About Gg

A Yogi On A Mission
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