Compassion Day

I ask people to try challenging things. Things we often forget, like trusting each other and sharing. Creating pain for you while my intention is love and compassion.

Today is COMPASSION DAY, “I am doing the best I can right now.”

Exercise (borrowed from Judith Lasater, author of Living your Yoga)

Find a quiet time and place to relax in Shavasana (corpse pose). Close your eyes and relax. Breathing slowly and easily. Recall a past experience in which you wish that you had acted differently or in which your actions were not freely chosen. What do you notice? Next imagine your experience on video, rewind and rerun it from the beginning. This time see yourself through the perspective of time and compassion. Acknowledge that the choices you made were the best that you could do at that time. Slowly bring yourself to the here and now, open your eyes, and use your arms to help you get up.

Use this exercise once a week to reestablish your connection with your own compassionate nature.


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