Humility & a deeper understanding of life

Blocks, blocks, blocks, yoga blocks are a great way to help you through your poses, if you have a lower back issue or aches and pains in your  knees try to use them in your next practice.

With enough practice you can trick the body into calm, so when you feel the ego becoming frustrated by your bodies limits you become strong enough to listen to your body. Take a breath and relax in a calming pose or continue with your efforts.

You are an environmentalist because you see that the rivers flowing through your veins and those flowing through the valley are intimately related. The quality of soil in which your food is raised is directly connected to your tissues and organs. Inseparably we live with our ecosystem.

Blemishes, they can appear at untimely moments, say right before a picture is taken, can act as reminders of past mistakes say in diet lifestyle. So, you do have a personal body, but in yoga we say temporary body, because although it may seem solid and constant, it is in constant transformation,  your skin will be made a new every month and your liver cells turn over every six weeks…among other things.

There is a science to yoga requiring great humility as shown by those great scientist before us. Strength is within you, but you must listen to your body, always with humbleness and realizing the potential of your next practice.  I had only seen a bind in a Light on Yoga picture, which was being fulfilled by B.K.S Iyengar, then at my next Moksha class the instructor suggested we try, and today I did, with humility of course, the left side was flexible enough and it was an AWESOME feeling!

Marcel Proust wrote, “The real journey of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes.”

Most yoga studios offer a GREAT deal the first month and for those seasoned in flow try something different, Moksha studios have expanded throughout Canada and the rest of the world, the heat may help your poses and the courage to try something new can strengthen your life.

Thank you for reading.


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