Faith or Belief

Belief is a perception about the way reality should be.                                                               Faith is the willingness to experience reality as it is, including the acceptance of the unknown.

The practices of yoga include, poses, breathing, meditation, and self-awareness techniques, which are difficult in and of themselves. Add on busy lives, past mistakes, and commitment issues and it can be nearly impossible.

In order to commit ourselves to practice, we must have faith that they will be fruitful and accomplish their intent, which is to help us turn toward ourselves and recognize our essential wholeness. The most important prerequisite in the study of yoga is to have faith in ourselves.

Soothe yourself during trying times and strengthen your decision’s in lighter moments

Stay ZEN:

Changes in this world
But flowers will open
Just as usual”

“Fish live in streams
Birds nest in tress
Human beings dwell
In warm hearts”

(Thank you Judith Lasater, author of Living Your Yoga)


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