Mindfulness Balance

Since a light case of the flu was going to keep me away from asana (posture) practice, I have been given the opportunity to focus on  the most important area to start with, the mind.  The practice of meditation is used as main therapy for mind-body medicine. It is a marvelous tool for taking control of our lives and opening up to our inner being.
Meditation: The capacity to sustain our attention without distraction. Enables us to mirror reality and objectively perceive the truth of things.

10 minutes a day (do what you can and commit to it fully when you decide to try it out)

☑ Sit cross-legged on the floor (you can also do this from an office chair)
☑ Switch the foot in front of you to place the “non-dominant” ankle in front you
☑ Touch the backs of your hands to your knees, palms facing skyward
☑ Tip your chin down slightly to feel the back of your neck elongated
☑ Exhale firmly, cleansing the lungs and emptying the belly
☑ Eyes looking softly at your ankles
☑ Belly soft
☑ Inhale count for 5-6 (visualize a warm light from your belly raising to your chest)
☑ Exhale the same count (5-6)
☑ Continue for 10 minutes (use a timer so you aren’t constantly watching the clock)
☑ Re-enter your busy life with calm

✭ If this doesn’t sound like something that suits your needs. You could always practice the same method of breath while laying in a scented bubble bath with some candles around. Whatever works for you.

OM peace, peace, peace


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