Only Human

It is true that Yoga alleviates stress, helps your knee joints, lower back pains and mental awareness, just to name a few of its many health benefits. However when you have been dedicating everyday to something (in this case Yoga) it is easy to get carried away and forget about the foundation that you are trying to lay down. So, what happens when you are go, go, go and not enough give, give, give? You get sick. Your body demands a HALT and takes it. That’s what happens. Sore throat, flu, cough, indigestion, whatever it is, your body wants some time to catch up. And if you’ve ever taken a Yoga class you’ve heard the mastered phrase, “listen to your body, don’t force it.”

To be honest, I was planning on forcing it today. A list full of “to do’s” in order to demonstrate my true discipline and commitment to this challenge ahead of me. Instead my body said, no way! And I listened. While listening I realized that without the intimacy in each motion something is lost.

Discipline isn’t a matter of as much as possible all the time. Rather, do what you can and do it fully. Be there in the moment. (even if that means you have a sore throat while living it, continue to listen)


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