Changing Your Persona

Last night a little anxiety seeped in. I knew that a public post would be published, 100 days would start soon and the pressure of day in day out frequency would exist. Would there be something good to say? Thankfully, there always is and with a new perspective on how to manage the anxiety, I don’t have an endless stream of stress to deal with. A clear morning allowed for today’s post. With the sun shinning bright and with Spring in full sight it is only natural that the surroundings would currently include garage clean outs, furniture selling and mass shuffling around. I had thirty-minutes before my first Zumba class (note: don’t ever miss a Yoga class when you are looking to get certified, your guru Yoga teacher will make you pay by inviting you to her 90 minute SUPER-INTENSE Zumba class filled with salsa dancing and squats..ouch!) I think her last words to me were, “Now you will remember me.” Funnier still is that I can’t stop smiling, it’s the only action that doesn’t hurt.

Before heading out to class I was instructed to take a look at some boxes that were headed to goodwill, I didn’t look through much, but in that time I managed to find a book I recall quite well, because I never read it…ha ha and an essay from my psychology class entitled “Who am I” circa 1999…creepy. So, who am I? Well, apparently back then I considered myself a mischievous “happy” kid who lived through a lot of change and was constantly grounded, but who managed always to see the bright side. To quote myself back then, “All I really want to do in this life is live. I think I’ll be happy knowing that I lived without holding back or worrying about what people are going to say or think.”

Today I feel the same way.

I ended the essay with a quote by William Wallace,

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

Something to think about: Just as a seed can grow into only one kind of tree. Thoughts can produce effects of the same nature. Kindness to others* Have a GREAT day today!


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