In order to gain anything you must first lose everything

They say to write what you know, but what if you’re still learning? Surely there must be more than just regurgitating the examples from my text books or the words of wisdom found in sacred text.

So this is what I figure, today this blog will be about the global spirit and how I will take on a challenge like I never have before. How to go from aspirant to teacher. What to do and how to get there.

Yoga as a Great journey with no stopping along the way no matter how pleasant.

Goal: Get to a Yoga teacher’s training camp in Nepal.

Challenge:  I intend to do one-on-one private Yoga sessions paid for by Donations for 100 days to go to Nepal for a teaching certificate (and blog about the experience)

21 days left of training days before the 100 days begin.

Training days: Yoga practice 3 times a day (for those who believe 3 times a week at the gym for an hour is enough, remember the cause here)

Yoga practice will include: Study of postures, hot yoga classes, study of self and required readings, journaling and now blogging. Have I missed anything? Oh! Of course, I also have to change my diet…(note: if we haven’t met, you could just imagine the pickiest eater you’ve ever known and multiply that person by 100 and there I am.)

Now I realize that Yoga has become somewhat of a trend, one that has some women lining up for $90 stretchy Lycra pants and some metro-sexual men taking their dogs to downtown yoga dog oops…that was supposed to be downwards.                                            Show me some transparency!

What’s the difference between this blog about Yoga written by a Self-proclaimed, “Wanna Be Yogi” and all the others?

Well, how transparent shall I be without over-sharing. Hmm…had to move back home because I lost my job five months ago, not a big deal though, times are tough and I have no dependents,  the lost job wasn’t a career although it was the first time I was fired, all the more interesting since it was done by a 91 year old version of my old self (story for another time). More importantly, I was about to turn 26 no prospects of a rich husband or an inheritance or a career in sight. Naturally, I panicked. Each day became like a ticking time bomb, “What are you gonna do now?! Seriously, when are you going to make a decision? Pick something already!! ‘aint getting any younger!”

Finally, I bit the bullet, made a decision and spent all the monies I had, (shall we blame   stress or over indulgence?). Anyways, I got a gym membership, one month unlimited yoga pass at a hot yoga studio, and the books from my reading list.

and then, I detoxed..

After that I spent my time re-training. I had practiced Yoga before but never at this level. A friend once told me, “Just do what you love, what makes you happy” and that is exactly what I did when I made the decision to go all in. 21 days left of training, I also have to figure out how exactly to market kindness of the heart on a rich man’s hill.., should be  interesting.

It’s a long road ahead and its a BIG mountain to climb, but realizing that you are not alone cultivates the journey.

All the best and I can’t wait to see you!


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One Response to In order to gain anything you must first lose everything

  1. Anastasia says:

    Quite inspiring…in the society full of pressures it takes courage to go after something out of the ordinary and real passion to stick with it:)

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